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International register of employees and workers

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The IREW’EEV online web application is the primary platform of the IREW system. The online application can be used to verify data about a card holder on platform 1 (identity card). This second platform means that it is not necessary for the identity card to contain clear, and therefore sensitive, data about the card holder. The sensitive data of the card holder is verified in the secure environment of the background. It is not available to the public, but soundly verified by the register authority.


Company account

Set up a company account in IREW and add your employees. Share suppliers with your customers. Use the other options which IREW offers companies and institutions.

Personal account

Have a professional account set up for you in IREW. Present your knowledge and skills and take advantage of the other options which IREW offers users.



Even without any account is it possobli to display basic information obou EEV Card holder

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