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IREW for companies and institutions

IREW enables a range of functions for internal and external use, increases the loyalty of employees towards their employer and could act as a relevant competitive advantage.


We will help you seriously inform your customers and suppliers about the integration of your business into IREW

The merits of the system and the options for use in practice

IREW facilitates a range of options for use and application. In addition to tangible functions which are clearly identifiable and describable, it also brings greater loyalty and company solidarity in the relationship between employees and employer.


Personal identification

Verifying persons whose identity or professional affiliation might be uncertain, for whatever reason. In particular, employees sent by another employer, such as truck drivers or other carriers, revision and servicing technicians, other visitors.

Identifying persons in advance

Demanding the card number of a worker whom you are expecting makes it possible to identify him even before he arrives at your company. If any discrepancies are found, the user has the option of refusing such a worker or demanding another worker.

Single identification of persons of all nationalities

The IREW’EEV system is universal.
All registered persons prove their identity using the same means of identification, irrespective of nationality or citizenship.

Information about education, skills, language abilities, etc.

Information about education, skills or language abilities or persons, driving licences and other licences can be found in the IREW system.


You can demand that persons identify themselves using an IREW’EEV card

In contrast to other documents which prove identity with a higher level of protection, such as official ID Card or passport, proof of identity via the IREW system may be strictly demanded. Participation in a tender, for example, might be conditional on having employees registered in the IREW system.


The option of sharing information about training, authorisations, etc.

Share information about the training and special work authorisations of your employees with your customers. Add your own fields and upload the required documents.

* This function is under preparation.

Hodnocení zaměstnanců a sdílení hodnocení předchozích zaměstnavatelů

IREW obsahuje hodnocení pracovníků jejich předchozími zaměstnavateli a to i zahraničními. Zároveň umožňuje ohodnotit pracovníka při jeho odchodu od stávajícího zaměstnavatele pro potřeby zaměstnavatelů budoucích. 


Internal electronic authorisation

External electronic authorisation

The eID IREW Card is fitted with a MAFIRE-DESFIRE chip that makes it possible to read the card number using most up-to-date entry and time-clock systems. The card can be used for internal needs and there is no need to introduce special identifiers.

The eID IREW Card is fitted with a MAFIRE-DESFIRE chip that makes it possible to read the card number using most up-to-date entry and time-clock systems. The card can be used to provide authorisation to external workers, for example to access unloading and handling areas, private common areas, etc.

Loyalty programmes

The eID IREW Card is fitted with a MAFIRE-DESFIRE chip that makes it possible to read other data, such as loyalty programmes, points, etc.


Fast contact to the direct superior of an outside worker

In addition to basic information about the employer, IREW provides a contact to the direct superior of the relevant outside worker. If a particular matter needs to be dealt with, the user has the option of contacting the relevant responsible person.

Contact to former employees

IREW makes it possible to contact even former employees in the case that their contact data has changed entirely, for example through their current employer.

ICE  |  in case of emmergency

if persons are at risk
in situations of momentary indisposition

Contact to a close person

IREW might also contain a contact to a person close to the registered person. If the registered person is at risk or momentarily indisposed, a relative or acquaintance can be contacted.

Information about medical condition


Just as with contacts to a close person, the registered person may voluntarily provide information about medical condition, blood type or medication used on a regular basis. If he is momentarily indisposed, emergency services have instant information about the case history of the patient.

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