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System for the single international personal identification  |  read more

IREW makes it possible to verify the identity of a person, his professional affiliation to his current employer and other shared information quickly and reliably without the use of official personal documents. The system also facilitates many other functions which can be used in professional and personal life.

Quick free verification (basic info about a card holder)

no sensitive data | unbreakable international identification for business

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Two interconnected platforms > one system

IREW'EEV works on the basis of two interconnected platforms. The data on these platforms can subsequently be compared for control purposes and any discrepancies discovered.



Set the rules of identifying outside persons

In contrast to other relevant (official) documents which prove identity, proof of identity via IREW may be strictly demanded, for example by a member of security staff or reception staff, or by another individual.


The highest security standard in personal identification

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