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Personal data protection is at the very heart of IREW'EEV. We protect your sensitive data outwardly and within our own databases.

IREW is dedicated to helping identify individuals in all spheres of the professional and private lives of people, groups, corporations and institutions on a global scale. It facilitates the secure identification of individuals, whilst at the same time providing maximum protection of personal data, and unifies the manner of identifying individuals on a global scale. It also brings further added value in the shape of associated services.

Our commitment to clearly informing you of the data we collect about you and how we use and share it is key to our mission.

By using our services you are giving your consent to us using your data in accordance with these Principles of Personal Data Protection.


 On-line platform 

 On-line platform 

We are an on-line platform that is linked to physical personal identification in the form of ID cards. Our principles of personal data protection apply to all those that use, or indeed visit, our services.

Our registered users share their professional or corporate identity, publish and browse the relevant content. These principles of personal data protection apply to IREW, applications bearing the IREW mark and other websites, applications, communication tools and services associated with IREW, including services outside the website, such as our advertising services and “slot-in” modules, although not including services for which it is specified that they are offered based on other conditions.

If you use our services, you agree with these Principles of Personal Data Protection and the principles relating to cookie files.

If you use our services, you consent to the collection, use and sharing of your personal data in accordance with these Principles of Protection of Privacy, which incorporate our principles in relation to cookie files, describing the use of cookie files and similar technology, and other documents to which reference is made in these Principles of Protection of Privacy. You also consent to the Contract with the user.

If you use our services after an amendment has been made to these Principles of Personal Data Protection, you give your consent to the new principles.

We may amend these Principles of Personal Data Protection. If we make a fundamental change, we will provide you with notification via our services or in other ways, so that you have the opportunity to check the changes before they become valid. If you disagree with certain changes, you may cancel your account. If you continue using our services after we have published amendments to these Principles of Personal Data Protection or after we have sent you notification of them, it means that you agree with the amendments.

 The information we collect 

 The information we collect 

When you create an account, you provide us with data.

When creating an account, you provide us with data such as your name, e-mail address and/or mobile telephone number, and a password.

When you create an account, you provide us with data.

When you use the services of our customers and partners, such as potential monitoring systems, we also receive information about you.

You create your own IREW profile and the completed profile allows you to get the most from our services.

You are able to adjust settings to concern the information in your profile, such as entries about education, work experience, skills, city or region.  The information in the profile allows you to get the most from our services. It is entirely your decision whether you want to make your sensitive data public. If you decide to make any such information public, it will be visible to other people along with the other information in your profile. Please do not add personal data to your profile which you do not want to make public. We only use unique identifiers relating to individuals (this data could be seen as sensitive) and companies to prevent the duplicity of individuals in the system.

We take records of your visits to and use of our services, including mobile applications.

We record data about usage, when you visit or otherwise use our services, including our websites, applications and platform technology; for example, when you browse content or an advertisement (at our website and in our applications, or elsewhere) or click on it, when you carry out a search, install one of our mobile applications, etc. We use login data, cookie files, information about devices and Internet protocol (IP) addresses to identify you and keep records of your use of our services.

We collect data using cookie files and similar technology

As is described in detail in our principles for cookie files, we use cookie files and similar technology (for example, web signals, pixels, advertising labels and device identifiers) so that we are able to recognise you and/or your device across a range of different services and on different devices, and elsewhere. We also enable other entities to use cookie files in the way described in our principles for cookie files. You can manage cookie files in the settings of your browser and using other tools. You can also choose that you do not want us to use cookie files and similar technology that monitors your behaviour on other websites for the purposes of third-party advertising.

We obtain data from your devices and networks, including data about location.

When you visit or leave our services (including our “slot-in” modules or cookie files or similar technology on other websites), we receive the URL address of the website from which you have come and the website to which you have gone. We also receive information about your IP address, proxy server, operating system, web browser and slot-in modules, identifier and functions of device and/or your provider of Internet or mobile services. If you use our services on a mobile device, this device will send us data about your location. Most mobile devices allow you to set it such that data about your location is not sent to us. We will respect your settings.

 How we use your data 

 How we use your data 

We use your data to provide, support, adjust and develop our services

The way in which we use your personal data depends on the services which you use, how you use them and which settings you choose. We use the data we have about you to allow us to provide, support and adapt our services, including advertisements, and make them more relevant and useful to you and others.

Our services help you get information, learn and become more effective

We do not only use your information to verify you and provide you with authorisation to access our services – we also use data about you to allow you, or others, to invite other people to become IREW users. Our services allow you to have an overview. We use your data, including your name and photograph, to provide notification to other people. For example, we are able to inform others that you have updated your profile, in line with your settings, of course. We use your data to display to you and others the people that work at a certain company, in a particular field, position or location or that have a certain skill, employment history or job. Our services make it possible for you to communicate with other professionals.

Our services allow members to find and contact members using our services; for example to find and contact former employees and employers.

We will contact you by e-mail, notification at our website or in our applications, or in other ways within the bounds of our services, including mobile text messages and instant notifications. We will send you messages to concern the availability of our services, security or other topics relating to a service. We also send messages on how to use services, updates from the network, remarks and promotional messages from us and our partners. You can change your communication settings at any time. Please remember that it is not possible to switch off the receipt of servicing message from us, including security and legal notices.

We offer you advertising that suits you in our own services and elsewhere. We provide you with the option of switching off advertisements depending on what you are or are not interested in: however, advertising in general cannot be switched off.

We target advertisements (and measure their effectiveness) to members, visitors and others in our services and elsewhere through various advertising networks and advertising exchanges using the following data, either on its own or in combination:

  • Data from the advertising technology in our services and elsewhere, such as web signals, pixels, advertising labels, cookie files and device identifiers;

  • Information provided by members (for example, contact details, employment position and field);

  • Data from your use of our services;

  • Information from others;

  • Information derived from the data described above.

We will display advertisements to you that are termed “sponsored content”, which look much the same as unsponsored content, apart from the fact that they are marked as advertisements or as sponsored. We do not share your personal data (other than hash data or device identifiers, which are considered in some countries to be personal data) with any classified third-party advertisers or with advertising networks for their advertising purposes unless we have your express consent. Nonetheless, if you click on an advertisement, whoever posted the advertisement will know that you visited the page on which you clicked. Advertising partners can also interconnect the personal data obtained by the advertiser directly from you with the content of our cookie files and similar technology. In such cases we contractually demand of such advertisers that they obtain your express consent to this as soon as possible.

We promote services for you and others

We use data and content to concern members to invite others and promote membership and in doing so increase the number of IREW members, for communication and for our services.

We develop our services and carry out research

We use data, including opinions and remarks, for research and development, with the aim of continuing the development of our services so that we are able to provide you and others with better, more intuitive and a better suited user environment in order that we can grow the number of members and increase their involvement in our services. We endeavour to help members all over the world become more effective and more successful. We use the data which is available to us to research social and economic trends. For example, to overcome difficulties in different fields and regions. In some cases we work together with trustworthy third parties on such research, under conditions that protect your privacy. We publish information that is presented as aggregated data, and not as personal data, or allow its publication by third parties. We conduct opinion polls and surveys in our services, or these are conducted by third parties. You are not obliged to complete an opinion poll or survey and have the option of setting the information provided.

We also use data to help you and to solve problems.

We use the data required to investigate and deal with complaints and problems with a service (for example, faults).

We use data to generate aggregated information

We use your information to create aggregated information, which cannot be used to identify you. For example, we can use your data to generate statistics about our users, their professions or specialisations, the number of advertisements displayed or the number of clicks on them or the demographic make-up of website visitors.

We use data for security purposes, to prevent fraud and for investigations.

We use your data if we believe that it is necessary on security grounds or for the needs of investigating possible fraud or other breach of our contract with a user or of these Principles of Personal Data Protection and/or an attempt to harm our members or visitors.

 How we share information 

 How we share information 

Any information which you make public in your profile and any content which you make public in our services is seen by other people. WE DO NOT PUBLISH sensitive data, such as Personal Number the numbers of saved documents – such data is only used to prevent duplicity of individuals in the register

Your profile is visible to all members and customers of our services. As has been described in detail, your settings influence the availability of your profile and some of its fields. Your administrator may check and manage the data in your profile.

We share your data across a range of our services and organisations affiliated to IREW

We will share your personal data with our affiliated companies in order to provide and develop our services. We combine information internally across a range of services, to which these principles of personal data protection relate.

We can hire third parties to help us with our services

We use third party services to help us provide our services such as development and development, maintenance, analysis, audit, payment, fraud detection or marketing. These third parties have access to your information to the extent reasonably necessary for the performance of these tasks on our behalf and are under an obligation not to disclose or use them for other purposes.

We might need to share your data if we believe that it is required by law or to protect your, and our, rights and security

It is possible that we will have to disclose information about you if required by law, court summons or other legal process or if we believe, in good faith that such disclosure is required on the grounds of:

  • the investigation, prevention or aversion of supposed or actual illegal activity or assistance to law enforcement bodies;

  • enforcing the terms and conditions of our contracts with you;

  • investigating claims and accusations brought by a third party or defending against them;

  • protecting the security and integrity of our service; 

  • exercising or protecting the rights and security of IREW, our members, employees and other individuals. We endeavour to notify members of a mandatory request for their personal data when we consider this to be appropriate; this does not include cases in which this is prohibited by law or by court order, or in the case of an urgent request. We can oppose such a request if we are of the view that the request is too broad or vague or is lacking in justification. However, we do not scrutinise every request.

We can share your data if our company is sold. Nonetheless, such data must still be used in accordance with these Principles of Personal Data Protection.

We can also share your personal data as part of the sale of our company, merger or a change of control over our company, or as part of preparations for any of these events. Any other entity which purchases our company, or its part, will have the right to continue using your data, but only in accordance with these Principles of Personal Data Protection, unless you give your consent to other conditions.

 Your choices and obligations  

 Your choices and obligations  

We store your personal data for as long as your account is active

We store the personal data which you provide us for the time that your account is active or for as long as is required for us to be able to provide you with our services. We will also store your data and keep your profile open until you decide to close your account or until the time limit set out in the contract has expired. In some cases, we store certain information in de-personalised or aggregated format.

You may browse, modify or erase your personal data. You also have the option of setting how your data is collected, used and shared.

Should you decide to close your account, your personal data shall normally cease to be visible to others in the services which we provide within 48 hours. We normally erase data from a cancelled account within 30 days of the date on which the account is closed, save the exceptions specified hereunder.

We store your personal data even after you have closed your account if this is required to enable us to comply with our legal obligations (including requests within the bounds of law enforcement), to comply with regulatory requirements, for the resolution of disputes, to maintain security, to prevent fraud and misuse, to enforce our contract with the user. We shall store anonymised information after you have closed your account.

We have no control over data which other members have copied outwith our service. Content associated with closed accounts appears as content from an unknown user. Your profile might continue to appear in the services of third parties until such time as they update their records.

 Important information  

 Important information  

We monitor security breaches and try to prevent them. Please use the security features available in our services.

We introduce security measures to protect your data, such as an HTTPS protocol. We regularly monitor our system and any vulnerable points. In spite of this, we cannot guarantee the security of any information which you send us. There is no guarantee that information cannot be accessed, cannot be disclosed, altered or destroyed in a breach of our physical, technical or management security measures.

We store and use your data outside your country

We process and back-up data in your home country AND in our network of branches all over the world.

If you have a complaint, you can contact us or use another option

If you have any questions or complaints regarding these principles, please first contact IREW on-line. You can also contact us by post.

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