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how to gerister

Strict rules and conditions for registering companies and individuals and for subsequent editing of key data are clearly defined in order to maintain one hundred per cent authenticity of the data in the register.

Strict processes are in place for authorisation of the stated data


> Registration procedures

> The terms and conditions of registration

An individual may only be registered in the IREW register by a company or institution, usually the current employer. It is therefore essential that the company – the REGISTRAR – is registered first.

Registering individuals

In the interests of guaranteeing the accuracy of the data entered about registered individuals, individuals may only be registered in the IREW system by a company or institution (REGISTRAR), whose identity can be verified by the IREW register according to registers and other sources, meaning reliable verification of the existence and trustworthiness of the relevant entity.

An individual must be registered based on data from original personal ID. The data entered is verified by the register operator and the individual is authorised for the IREW register, for the sake of avoiding any discrepancies.

The individual’s employer need not be the registrar. A registrar may register any individuals whose identity can be reliably verified.

AN APPLICATION FOR REGISTRATION is generated during registration itself.

Registration is conditional on providing the Application for Registration with a handwritten signature, providing consent to commercial terms and conditions and providing consent to the processing of personal data and its handling according to GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). In addition to a signature, the application must contain a photograph of the applicant (3.5 x 4.5 cm), primarily for the needs of issuing an identity card.

The generation of an application with pre-completed data about the individual is one of the stages of registration. The application may be saved directly in the application during registration (in PDF format) or may be sent to the address of the register – agency for the region in question.

Data about the registered individual is generated automatically in the application after completing the mandatory fields.

Preview of Application for Registration

Download the form

Registering a company

Registering a company is simple and fast. Only basic information and an up-to-date copy of an entry in the Commercial Register, which the registering company saves directly in the application, are required to register.

Only a person who is authorised to act on behalf of the registering company may carry out registration.

When registering a company, the person who is registering the company is provided with a restricted user account that makes it possible to sign into the application and carry out actions in the company account. This account is not a full IREW account, but it can be upgraded.

The administrator of the company account may add employees or register new individuals right after registering the company (the authorisation of a registered company and of registered individuals is carried out by the register operator within three business days of registration).

Authorisation by the register

The successful authorisation of registered entities is vital for incorporation in the IREW system.

Authorisation proceeds on several levels by comparing the data entered during registration with the data in all available registers and other sources.

If anything is unclear, the operator contacts the entity/registered individual (natural person or legal person) with a request for additional information. The operator may refuse to authorise (register) a legal person at any time. It need not provide a reason for refusal of registration.

Procedure when registering individuals



An individual may only be registered in the IREW register by a company or institution, usually the current employer. It is therefore essential that the company – the REGISTRAR – is registered first.


The system administrator authorises the identity of the company according to the Commercial Register, Register of Trades, register of VAT payers and other sources which it has at its disposal.


The REGISTRAR may register any individuals whose identity it has verified according to original proof of identity.


The system administrator authorises the identity of an individual using copies of personal documents stored in the database and issues the individual with an eID Card.

After registering an individual, the REGISTRAR may include the individual among its employees, but need not do so. Registering an individual is not conditional on an employment relationship being in place between the REGISTRAR (company) and the registered individual.

However, registration of an individual IS conditional on sending a signed Application for Registration and a photograph. These may be

- uploaded to the register application;

- sent by post to the address of the operator

If authorisation is successful and the fee is paid, a full account is generated for the individual in the IREW database and an identity card is issued and sent out.

An individual’s IREW eID Card is always sent to the address of the REGISTRAR (company).

There is no need to wait for verification by the register administrator after registering a company – individuals may be registered right away. The register administrator verifies everything within a maximum of 3 business days (but usually earlier).

The company, as the REGISTRAR, guarantees the accuracy of the information in the system and acknowledges that any change to the data shown on the IREW eID Card is subject to a fee for the issue of a new card (EUR 30).

If inaccurate, incorrect or misleading data is entered in the register, the company may be permanently deleted as a registrar from the register.

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