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Two interconnected platforms

> one system

IREW'EEV IREW works on the basis of two interconnected platforms. The data on these platforms can subsequently be compared for control purposes and any discrepancies discovered.

Conditions are set for the registration of persons and subsequent editing of key data in order to maintain one hundred percent authenticity of data in the register. Strict processes are set for the registration and authorisation of registered companies..



IREW online



EEV Card

Online PC application and application for mobile telephones
Data can be quickly verified on platform 2 – identity card – using electronic applications.

Each person registered in IREW can hold an identity card that proves his identity when carrying out work duties or personal activities.

The card contains only basic, commonly available and commonly shared information. This distinguishes it from official proof of identity. The information on the identity card is linked to a web database where it is possible to verify fo the 

authenticity of the card or the data on the card, and therefore the identity of the person, at the second level.

The application contains the same data as platform 2 (identity card), plus information which the user enters himself in his personal profile, such as information about knowledge and skills or medical condition, to cover cases of emergency.

Other information, in particular affiliation to a current employer, is assigned automatically by the current employer by including the person among its employees.

The account of a registered

person can be read via the

application for mobile devices

using the QR code found on the

reverse side of the identity card.

IREW identity cards are secured at a very high level. The cards contain a number of visible and hidden protection features.

Card is protected by Státní tiskárnou cenin České republiky (State Printing House of Values of Czech Republic)

The installed HID MIFARE® DESFire® EV1 chip makes it possible for the card to communicate with a number of electronic devices in storing many types of information.

 Interconnecting both platforms makes the system a reliable and unbreakable identification tool.


The data on both platforms and the photograph of the person must match.



IREW platform 2 – electronic identity card with high level of protection and security

eID card

Each person registered in IREW can hold one of two types of ID card, with which they then prove their identity when carrying out work duties and personal activities.

EEV GENERAL CARD (recommended) – the card only carries basic, commonly available and commonly shared information about the holder. Used as an identifier at more than one employer. The risk of abuse is almost zero.

EEV LIMITED CARD – an employee card showing the current main employer on the reverse side of the identity card and other identification features of the employee, including his handwritten signature

The information on the card is always linked to the web database, where it is possible to verify the authenticity of data and the person at the second level. This interconnection provides the system with a high degree of credibility.

An identity card with a high level of security and protection

The card contains the same or similar protective features as are used on official (state) identity cards.

To ensure greater security, cards are only valid for 5 years from the data of issue. A new card must be requested after this validity expires.


> QR code with the electronic address of the card holder

> Bar code for automated personal identification

> HID MIFARE® DESFire® EV1 chip


> interference anti-copy rasters

> guilloche features

> ink with UV fluorescence

> optically variable ink with latent image effect

> micro texts

> film with IREW holographic motif

> embossed features

> other hidden protective features

The IREW’EEV online web application is the primary platform of the IREW system. The online application can be used to verify data about a card holder on platform 1 (identity card). This second platform means that it is not necessary for the identity card to contain clear, and therefore sensitive, data about the card holder. The sensitive data of the card holder is verified in the secure environment of the background. It is not available to the public, but soundly verified by the register authority.

Data about persons, companies and institutions in the database (accuracy and authenticity) is controlled by the register authority.

The transmission of data for the web application is encrypted.

Procedures processed in the web background

data verification with platform "eID Cards"


detailed information about persons (published by users)


information about the employer


the administration of personal accounts

the administration of company accounts

IREW online

IREW platform 1 – online application for verifying personal identity at level two



These chips are designed for various applications which require the highest level of security, including entry control and identification using biometric features, cash-free sales, public transport, sales of admission tickets and customer loyalty cards. MIFARE DESFire EV1 is an incredibly durable chip for systems with a logical approach and biometric identification. The card has a dynamic memory of 4 KB in size, which is arranged into easily definable application elements and data files. The data found on a card with a MIFARE DESFire EV1 chip may be encoded/encrypted using a highly-secure AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) 128 algorithm, which makes sure that the data on the card is secure before transmission, during transmission and after transmission and, in the same way, between folders and files within the card itself. 13.56 MHz MIFARE DESFire EV1 reading technology can be built into one card. This card is suitable for adding MIFARE DESFire EV1 applications to an existing system of access control based on HID Prox cards.


Wherever the security and execution of cards is particularly important, HID MIFARE DESFire EV1 cards can be provided with visual security features and features which prevent counterfeiting, such as holograms, ultraviolet fluorescent ink, micro characters or symbols, as the customer wishes. These features make it possible to identify authentic cards quickly and easily.

The interconnection and twinning of the information shown on the identity card with the data found in the web database and other benefits make the IREW eID Card an unbreakable identifier with no available alternative.

The interconnection of the eID Card and the web application

Secure card

The graphic processing of the IREW eID Card is protected by the State Printing Works of Securities of the Czech Republic.

The card itself contains basic data about the holder. This is used to quickly identify the holder. It is a secure ID card with a high level of security.

The QR code found on the reverse side is used to quickly identify persons at the second level of authorisation. Information about the person from the electronic register is displayed by reading in the IREW application


The card is fitted with an electronic chip with 4 kB capacity. Apart from information about the card holder, it can be used as an identifier for outside facilities.                                                                                               more...

Personification of cards – data about the person and their photograph are applied using laser engraving deep into the surface of the card.

As with the other data on the card, the QR code for reading data from the web application is applied using laser engraving 

The current employer may be stated on the card to provide easier identification.

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